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Push Nation Fest is an event designed to bring the paralysis community together in one place, focused on pushing each other to learn, dream and achieve more than ever before. Featuring groundbreaking technology, captivating entertainment and hands-on workshops.
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Get Out There and Dance!

maxresdefault[1]One of the activities that is becoming more and more popular for wheelchair users is Wheelchair Dancing. Many dance troupes like AXIS Dance Company integrate disabled and non-disabled dancers in an effort to challenge norms, encourage diversity and create and outlet for expression.

There are many types of dance that can be done with Wheelchair Dancing, but two of the most popular styles are Ballroom Dancing and Latin Dance. Many participants do this for fun, but a lot of them also enroll in dance competitions.

American Dance Wheels Foundation is one of the many non-profit organizations that support this style of dance. This organization focuses mainly on Ballroom and Latin Dance and integrates both people with and without disabilities. They welcome dancers of all ages and ability levels and will work with whatever level you come in at.

American Dance Wheels  Foundation promotes wheelchair dancing through educational seminars and performances in dance studios, schools and rehab facilities across the country.