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Push Nation Festival is excited for a great collection of vendors and exhibitors for next April's event.
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Due to our nonprofit status, Push Nation has the ability to provide an event where your business can reach your target audience for a dramatically reduced cost compared to other events.


Additionally, if your business can offer an experience to enrich or improve the lives of Push Nation Fest attendees we want to hear about it and work with you to provide the opportunity!


While the standard booth style at other expos is fine, we feel there are better ways to awaken your target audience to your products and services.

In an effort to differentiate Push Nation Fest from these other events, our team is committed to assisting you with bringing an interactive component to your booth. For example, do you sell wheelchairs? Awesome, let attendees try out your chairs on our wheelchair obstacle course! Do you sell adaptive clothing? Fantastic, let’s work together to put on a mini-fashion show! Attendees are tired of just being sold to, let’s think creatively to show them how your products and services can truly change their lives!

Become an Exhibitor

To exhibit at Push Nation Fest 2016, please contact Stacy DeMarse at (813) 994-0107 x101 or stacy@demarsemeetings.com.

Want more? Download your exhibitor PDF package here! >>