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Mindy Scheier of Runway of Dreams Slated to Deliver Keynote Address

We are pleased to share that Mindy Scheier, the founder of Runway of Dreams, will be delivering the keynote address during Push Nation Fest2016.

Mindy’s son was born with Rigid Spine Muscular Dystrophy causing clothing challenges due to muscle weakness. A fashion industry professional herself, Mindy decided to create Runway of Dreams – the first 501C3 non-profit organization to develop an adaptive version of existing apparel.

Runway of Dreams aims to be the authority on incorporating modifications to fashionable and affordable clothing for children and teens with physical disabilities, changing the landscape of fashion as being inclusive for everyone.  Runway of Dreams empowers children to embrace and celebrate their differences through an adaptive clothing line. The organization, collaborates with partners in the fashion industry to develop, modify and adapt existing mainstream lines.

In addition to her keynote address, Mindy will also be hosting a Runway of Dreams Fashion show. The show will feature the latest in fashionable and affordable adaptive clothing during the Runway of Dreams Fashion Show!

Be sure to check out our schedule page to learn when these and all of our other Push Nation Fest events are taking place.