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Push Nation Fest is an event designed to bring the paralysis community together in one place, focused on pushing each other to learn, dream and achieve more than ever before. Featuring groundbreaking technology, captivating entertainment and hands-on workshops.
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Get moving with adaptive sports at Push Nation Fest!

Ever wondered what it’s like to try an adaptive sport? Well this might be your chance! Push Nation Fest is glad to welcome various adaptive athletes to show their talent and even teach attendees a thing or two.

Arielle Rausin, or “Racin Rausin”, is all about racing (in case you couldn’t tell). Atfer she was paralyzed in a car accident at the age of ten her mother, K. D. Rausin, taught her to chase her dreams, wheelchair or no wheelchair, and that her strength comes from within. In seventh grade, Arielle completed her first 5k with her school track team. When she wanted to continue racing for her high school team, she was told she wasn’t allowed due to her condition.

At that time, the Florida High School Athletic Association did not recognize adaptive sports, but that didn’t stop Arielle from chasing her dreams of racing. Arielle advocated for herself and with the help of the community, Loretta Purish and Lew Friedland, the FHSAA developed an adaptive track program in 2010 for high school athletes across Florida. Arielle is now a student athlete at the University of Illinois with the wheelchair racing team.

Don’t miss this courageous racer’s knowledge! She’ll be providing attendees with the ins and outs of wheelchair track racing.