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Push Nation Fest is an event designed to bring the paralysis community together in one place, focused on pushing each other to learn, dream and achieve more than ever before. Featuring groundbreaking technology, captivating entertainment and hands-on workshops.
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Jennifer Adams

Push Nation Fest Welcomes Former Ms. Wheelchair America 2014 to the Women’s Panel

We are pleased to share that Jennifer Adams, former Ms. Wheelchair America 2014, will join the Push Nation Fest Women’s Panel alongside Tiffiny Carlson, Melinda Wheatley and Gaby Camargo.

Jennifer will add a powerful dynamic to the panel. She was born with partial limbs and throughout her life she has struggled with the limitations that come with her extra-ability. She does not consider her struggles a burden, but instead a gift, for she has had the privilege to learn that beyond our limitations is fulfilment and life’s purpose. Jennifer brings a message of overcoming life’s adversities through her personal story and life experience, that is relevant and inspiring to all people.

Be sure to stop by the Women’s Panel to gain insight from these women on topics including  careers, motherhood, marriage, sexuality, health, fitness, fashion beauty and so much more.