PushNationFest.org | Push Nation Fest Welcomes Adaptive Yoga Specialist
Push Nation is excited to showcase another amazing vendor for our upcoming event. Barbara Newborn - stroke survivor, adaptive yoga specialist, and accomplished writer.
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Push Nation Fest Welcomes Adaptive Yoga Specialist Barbara Newborn


Push Nation Fest Welcomes Adaptive Yoga Specialist Barbara Newborn

Barbara Newborn was only 21 when she sustained a devastating stroke. A blocked blood vessel cut off oxygen to her brain and destroying cells that could never be replaced. The stroke resulted in complete paralysis of the right side of her body and loss of language skills. She once said: “I entered this strange world by myself; I couldn’t understand anybody or talk to anybody. I didn’t have my physical voice.”

As a bright, aspiring English educator; the accident took her teaching career down a different path and changed her life forever. Newborn had to begin learning simple tasks like holding a pencil or brushing her hair. She started using flash cards to rehabilitate her language skills.  Over the course of 10 years her life took an unexpected and inspirational turn: Newborn fell in love with the art of yoga.

With an emphasis on breathing and relaxation, while pushing your body to the limits – she realized the power it had to transform. She believed that yoga can help those with disabilities improve spirit, mind, and body just like it did for her. After taking several study trips to India, Barbara became a yoga instructor and developed programs based on her client’s circumstances. She helps make the impossible, possible – through movement, breathing, and meditation.

What her philosophy? That through yoga, you can learn to be well again, spiritually and mentally, “and that’s when you start to heal physically.”

Barbara now has two masters’ degrees in rehabilitation and speech. She’s a published writer who created, Return to Ithaca, a memoir to her inspirational recovery. Over the years, went to India many times to work individually with AG Mohan in Yoga Therapy.


She now owns two studios with her husband in South Tampa and Gulfport, Florida called Gardens of Yoga. Now, Push Nation Fest is excited to welcome Barbara Newborn and her wide array of vinyasas, sun salutations, and mediation exercises to the many vendors a part of the event.


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