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Extreme Sports for Those with Disabilities


Extreme Sports for Those with Disabilities


Just because you may live with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) does not mean you can’t participate in living life on the edge with some extreme sports! There are a variety of sports that can help keep your competitive nature alive.

Downhill 4-Cross Biking

With this sport you ascend a mountain via a chairlift or a 4X4 vehicle; when you get to the top you let gravity do most of the work for you on the way down.

Sit Ski

There are different types of skies for people with different disabilities.

The Mono Ski: Developed for those with good upper body strength

The Bi-Ski: For those who prefer to ski in a sitting position, such as people with SCI or MS

The Three Ski: Developed for those with one good leg and two good arms

The Four Track Ski: For those with two legs and arms, natural or prosthetic, and are capable of standing independently or with the aid of outriggers

Wheelchair Skateboarding

Wheelchair Skateboarding is also known as “Hardcore Sitting”. This sport uses manual wheelchairs due to their lightweight material and ability to gain momentum. You can do many tricks, but a very popular trick to learn is doing back flips!

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