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Get Ready for Spring: DIY Raised Garden Box


Get Ready for Spring: DIY Raised Garden Box


Put on your gardening gear because spring is just around the corner! A great way for you to connect with nature this year could be through creating your own raised gardening box. Here you can plant seeds or harvest veggies, which will in turn supply you with a gentle workout as well. The box could take about a day or two to build and below are some DIY instructions!

Step 1:

  • Decide where you want the garden
  • Make sure the ground is flat and even so that it is safe for wheelchairs


Step 2:

  • Measure the size of your raised bed
  • Should be 18-30 inches tall and no more than 2 feet across so that they can reach across
  • Can be any length (example: 8 feet long)


Step 3:

  • Buy and cut lumber
  • Need eight 2X6 boards that are 8 feet long and eight 2X6 boards that are 2 feet long, plus six boards of any thickness that are 2 feet long to use as braces


Step 4:

  • Lay four of the 8-foot boards flat on the ground to create the panel that is 8 feet long and 2 feet high/tall
  • Use a hammer and nails to attach on of the 2 foot braces in the middle to hold the boards together


Step 5:

  • Build another panel, like above, with the other 8 foot board and on the braces


Step 6:

  • Build two similar panels with the 2 foot boards only for these you will want a brace on each end


Step 7:

  • Stand up one of the 2 foot panels next to one of the 8 foot panels so that the brace at the end of the 2 foot panel runs alongside the end of the 8-foot board
  • Nail them together to make a corner


Step 8:

  • Make a similar corner with the other panels


Step 9:

  • Nail the two corners together to make a box and stand it upright


Step 10:

  • Fill the box with a mixture of three or four parts topsoil and one part compost


Step 11:

  • Plant veggies, flowers, small berry bushes and other plants of your choice into the soil mix
  • Almost anything can be grown in these beds except for larger trees


Step 12:

  • Top off the raised bed with some fresh soil and compost every spring to make sure it stays full


Last Step: ENJOY!

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