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Indego Limb Exoskeleton Now is Controlled with an App


Indego Limb Exoskeleton Now is Controlled with an App


The Parker HMC Indego Exoskeleton allows patients with impaired mobility to walk and participate in gait training. The exoskeleton itself weighs 26 pounds and has no exposed cables or an upper body apparatus and requires no backpack mounted components.

Users wear the device around their waist and legs allowing them to stand and walk. It comes in interchangeable sizes and can accommodate people from 5’1″ to 6’3″ and can withstand up to 250 pounds

Connecting with Bluetooth

The exoskeleton connects to the users Indego app wirelessly via Bluetooth, which allows the patients to control the devices configuration and then enables session monitoring. The app provides access to settings related to standing, walking and sitting. The app also will allow the exoskeleton to be configured to more than one user at a time and will track session durations and session steps in real time. All sessions will have reviews and session logs can be exported.

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