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The people at Push Living don’t let the limitations of a wheelchair stop them from traveling the world. The organization is just like Push Nation Fest, we're all dedicated to being the leading light for people with disabilities.
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When PUSH Comes to LIVE


When PUSH Comes to LIVE

The people at Push Living don’t let the limitations of a wheelchair stop them from traveling the world.  The organization is dedicated to being the leading light for people with disabilities exploring tourism, leisure, and lifestyle mediums.

Committed to making the world “accessible to all”, Push Living is taking the steps to create change. They are doing so by educating and enlightening the public to transform their preconceived beliefs of what people with disabilities can and cannot do.

Who’s the voice behind Push Living?

The voice behind Push Living is Deborah Davis, a sales and marketing, training, educating, advocacy, mentoring and public speaking extraordinaire. She is making her mark through her efforts to raise awareness for those living with disabilities.

In addition to being an accomplished business woman and world traveler, she’s a loved wife and mother of two girls. Deborah is an inspirational individual who, despite her obstacles, has defied expectations.  Deborah sustained a C6/7 spinal cord injury during a car accident at age 18 that rendered her an incomplete quadriplegic.

However, she didn’t let that stop her. Over the course of her adult life, Deborah has done it all. She’s obtained professional roles specializing in medical equipment and supplies sales and marketing. She’s been professional fundraiser for Not for Profits in addition to her positions as  Director of Development and Public Relations and Executive Director for Abilities of Florida.

Davis has been appointed into several professional organizations including being elected to the Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Board for the State of Florida, serving as President of the Business Coalition for Americans with Disabilities, being a Board Member and VP of the Florida Rehabilitation Association, and participating as a member of The National Society of Fund Raising Executives.

Deborah shares her story all over the country and her expertise in accessible tourism and inclusion. She hopes to spread disability awareness, education, and inspiration. Recently, Deborah was the Keynote Speaker for the 2014 Michigan POHI/SXI Conference.

So what do Deborah and Push Living have to say these days?

It’s an issue that many overlook: What do you do when you go to a restaurant or bar that only has stools and high-tops? What was meant to be a relaxing happy hour with co-workers has become an evening of awkward neck pain for those in wheelchairs. The ADA was adopted for this exact situation.

This is where the #DroptheHIGHTOPS Campaign comes into play. A movement focused on bringing awareness to the hospitality industry about those pesky high tops. The campaign encourages businesses to drop some of those high tops to make everyone feel accommodated and comfortable. To be a part of the cause, send photos to Push Living of your experiences with high tops and how it has affected you. #DropTheHighTops will then with then post the photos to their “Hall of Shame.” Find out more about the campaign here.


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