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Spring and Summer Wheelchair Accessible Activities on a Budget


Spring and Summer Wheelchair Accessible Activities on a Budget

There are a lot of ways to have fun when the weather is starting to warm up! But sometimes you have to figure out what kind of fun you can have on a budget. We’ve come up with some fun, affordable and wheelchair accessible ideas!

Picnics in the Park

Most parks are easily accessible for you to sit at picnic tables or go watch live music. This is a fun way for you to spend some relaxing time with both friends and family on a nice warm evening.


Most museum entry fees are affordable and sometimes may even be free. They are also easy to move around in for wheelchair users and typically supply elevators if there is more than one level to the building for easy transportation. Museums are a great way to discover culture, history and classic masterpieces with the people you choose to spend your time with.

Family Game Night

Game nights can create fun family competition and they usually include some pretty tasty snacks. Not only is it a great time to bond with your family, but your home is already made accessible for you so there are no worries about getting around.

Horseback Riding and Fishing

Both of these activities can be therapeutic and fun for you and your family or friends to do together. Check out both Adaptive Horseback Riding and Adaptive Fishing

Volunteering is the least costly, but is the most rewarding. Try to find an organization with a cause you are passionate about and get a team of friends and family to give back with you!

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