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Taking Part in Adaptive Sports


Taking Part in Adaptive Sports


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely important when dealing with SCI. One of the best ways to do this is through taking part in Adaptive Sports. These sports help promote fitness, break down barriers, reveal hidden character, teach essential life lessons and expand individual potential. Overall, it is an effective way to plow through the challenges posed by your disability.

Physical and Psychological Benefits


  • Can increase strength
  • Create better agility
  • Improved circulation
  • Boosted Stamina
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Continuously burning calories



  • Increase in self-esteem and confidence
  • Increased overall desire to succeed  
  • Positive impact on concentration and planning, as well as analytical and social skills, and leadership roles


Adaptive Sports You Can Participate In

There are a ton of adaptive sports that you can take part in, it’s just a matter of finding what fits you best. Here we can give you some examples of awesome adaptive sports you might want to try out for yourself!


What’s Next for You and Adaptive Sports

Not only can you join clubs or teams based on the sport you choose, but you can also take your skills to the next level by participating in the Paralympics. The Paralympics are a great way to put your sportsmanship to the test and to make new friends and have fun.paralympic-main_2322819b[1]

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