PushNationFest.org | Tiffiny Carlson as a Push Nation Fest Speaker in 2016.
Here at Push Nation fest we are very excited to announce one of our speakers for next years convention: Establish blogger and writer Tiffiny Carlson.
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Push Nation Festival Welcomes Tiffiny Carlson as a Speaker in 2016


Push Nation Festival Welcomes Tiffiny Carlson as a Speaker in 2016

The folks here at Push Nation Fest are excited to announce that the fabulous Tiffiny Carlson will participate as a speaker at the inaugural Push Nation Festival taking place on April 22-23 2016 at the Tampa Convention Center.  An accomplished writer, Tiffiny will provide a powerful perspective on living with a spinal cord injury.

Tiffiny sustained a C5-6 incomplete spinal cord injury from a diving accident when she was 14 years old. In true survivor fashion, Tiffiny committed to intensive rehabilitation and returned to high school. Soon after graduation, she founded her website Beautyability.com in an effort to reach out to women with spinal cord injuries and encourage hope within the community.

It took no time for Tiffiny and other women with spinal cord injuries to connect. The realization that she could have a fulfilling life motivated Tiffiny to dedicate herself to spreading that message.  She became the SCI Life columnist for New Mobility Magazine (the largest disability print magazine in the US) and started her longtime disability podcast, No Free Rides, to spread the message throughout the nation.

Tiffiny doesn’t stop there. You can find her writing in dozens of online and print media. She has become an influential voice for disability and sexuality in publications like The Huffington Post, Penthouse, Playgirl, easystand.com, and Nerve.com. Additionally, Tiffiny spends her days as the Executive Director at a nonprofit committed to aiding those with new spinal cord injuries via a massive SCI video database called

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Tiffany’s enthusiasm, encouragement, and drive is sure to make an impact at this year’s festival. We look forward to having this blogging, cooking, adaptive yoga-ing, fashionista inspire us all at Push Nation Fest 2016

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