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“Wheel Talk, Wheel Issues”


“Wheel Talk, Wheel Issues”

84d6096e-72a0-4538-a56e-158ef6199c7c_fb_img_1441217731562[1]Everyone loves a good talk show, which is why Margarita Elizondo, AKA “Ms. Hot Wheels”, decided to make her own focusing on living life with paralysis. The online talk show called “Wheel Life, Wheel Issues” is a dynamic 30 minute to an hour weekly podcast that is broadcast through Blog Talk Radio; and with the New Year in full swing Margarita plans to take her show onto YouTube.

The show is a three-part series that is broken down into English, Spanish and Faith-Based. The Mission of “Wheel Talk, Wheel Issues” is to help inform, inspire and create awareness regarding issues related to life as a wheelchair user.

Almost all guests that visit on the show are those who also use wheelchairs, or are experts in their fields related to SCI. Listeners can also call in with questions or their own personal experiences relating to the topic on the show that day.

“Wheel Talk, Wheel Issues” is broadcasted live every first and third Friday morning of the month starting at 11:00 AM PST.

You can listen here at: www.blogtalkradio.com/wheeltalkwheelissues

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